It is very clear that mobile phones occupy a large place in our lives. Each of us (or those around us) owns at least one smartphone. We use our smartphones every day for communication needs, to browse the net or to play all kinds of games. A smartphone is the […]

In previous articles, we talked about the importance of using a non-PC VPN, notebook, smartphone or tablet, in order to keep safe and deprived of our online data. We also deal with some vantagens that either serve or offer access (streaming videos, films, series, music, online games) blocked for or […]

6. I don’t need a VPN, I don’t have anything to hide We are always given that, given the simple things that our lives may seem, they are treated like mines by other technology giants, such as Apple, Amazon, Google and Facebook. You may not know how these companies use […]

1.VPNS is only used for illegal activities The use of VPNs allows some activities to be carried out by some companies, but they do not serve just for this purpose. Many companies use VPNs to raise high-security private networks for exclusive access to civil servants. For caseira users, connecting through […]

Internet privacy rules are being transformed. And although the impulse comes from Europe, according to experts, the protection of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will cross its borders. During June, the first month that the GDPR takes effect, thousands of companies must focus on the user and the […]