5 myths about part 1

1.VPNS is only used for illegal activities

The use of VPNs allows some activities to be carried out by some companies, but they do not serve just for this purpose. Many companies use VPNs to raise high-security private networks for exclusive access to civil servants. For caseira users, connecting through a VPN is also advantageous because of private security and extra benefits.

2.VPNs you pay no são necessárias

As free VPNs, I can break or gallo voute vá vá use or service in a specific activity and sporadically. Constant use was made, with a focus on privacy and performance, and a company with a payment service can guarantee its satisfaction. And, mesmo assim, ainda can see the payments that you don’t trust.

3.VPNs deixam to slow connection

Sim e não. Na verdade, isso não é uma regra, and it depends very much on what service you are using. A free service was provided, in addition to a company that does not guarantee the quality of its connection, and the company can reserve part of the connection band to favor customers who are paying assistants.

If you are using um serviço confiável, not in the case of online jogos, connect to a server in the country where you are or a game server you can help to reduce to Latin America. In this case, a VPN service will offer you more server options on different points of the planet.

4.Using a VPN, posso fazer qualquer coisa online

Your data can be cryptographed and you can also track your online activity, but you need to be cautious when visiting sites and downloading, using a VPN. Never disable or firewall e or antivírus do your operating system, unless you are using third-party apps.

A VPN does not protect you, you will be credited in an online coup d’etat, supplying six dice for a fraudulent shopping site, or mesmo for a “trustworthy” site, for your own account (when you will use the thermos for using a certain platform).

5.All VPNs são iguais

This is one of the two most widespread myths that we would like to fall into armadilhas, saying that I should hire the first popular VPN option that appears on the Internet.

A VPN and a service that depends on technical capacity, technological investment and infrastructure. As an assim, you will be provided with each company and will benefit you.

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