5 myths about part 2

6. I don’t need a VPN, I don’t have anything to hide

We are always given that, given the simple things that our lives may seem, they are treated like mines by other technology giants, such as Apple, Amazon, Google and Facebook. You may not know how these companies use their data, but perhaps there is a reason to worry.

It is enough to keep in mind that free online services will arise just as if it were simple to capture or a greater number of possível users, raising gigantic dice banks.

Do not start internet, practically all service within the payment era. Pagava-se mesmo by um endereço of email. Hoje, qualquer site that you visit I can send you your email to send daily newsletter or week, you have free. Então você thinks that all sites are only legais and querem to help you, but be careful.

Além do mais, fora a privacidade, as VPNs are also promoted to Seguronça da Sua Conexão, as we found in previous articles.

7. All VPN is difficult to use

Several years have passed since the VPNs have come popular. You have two smartphones, you will have a second period of adaptation to less technical users.

Browse now, you have VPN services that you can use and that you have your support, case or user want to make a specific configuration or solve any possible problem.

8. Just hackers and nerds usam VPNs

In any case, you are worried about increasing your privacy and security online and can be a VPN user. But there have also been special cases involving professionals who travel and need access to sites that are blocked for their country of origin, as well as those who need to circumvent censorship in a certain region in order to exchange information with security.

9.Using VPN, sou anônimo na internet

A VPN increases quite privately online, but it is not able to make you unidentified. Nem or Tor browser, nem serviços based on cryptocurrencies only able to stand out. Therefore, take care with companies that promise to make you invisible on the internet. You always have a piece of information that can identify you in the network.

10.Use or Tor é melhor to use VPN

Some people have proven that using a browser or browser is sure to use a VPN. Porém, além do Tor be um pouco complicated to be configured, the ainda can deixar its slow connection. No more, you will never say that you will use us anonymously. If you count or fato that Tor is only necessary for browsing sites, not protecting other applications that connect to the Internet.

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