Best VPN for Android 2020

It is very clear that mobile phones occupy a large place in our lives. Each of us (or those around us) owns at least one smartphone. We use our smartphones every day for communication needs, to browse the net or to play all kinds of games. A smartphone is the first thing you pick up in the morning and the last thing you put down at night. Sometimes you even sleep with your smartphone nearby.

Even though a smartphone offers convenience to the user, the way it is used can cause serious problems. You have surely heard stories about celebrity phones being hacked and sensitive and private data stolen. The photos or videos were leaked and the personal data was stolen; it doesn’t really matter whether you connect to the internet using Wi-Fi or 3G.

The need for a VPN for Android

It is for this reason that a VPN for Android devices, the most widely used operating system on cell phones, is available and could prove very useful. Not only will it be able to encrypt all mobile traffic, but the VPN for Android will also allow secure and private internet connections, whether on WiFi or with 3G/4G.

The question now is, what is the best free VPN services for Android phones? Because if you want to complete internet security and anonymity, you will need the best software. Below, we have selected 5 of the best and most reliable VPNs for Android.

Best VPN 2020 for Android: The Nominees


iNinja is, of course, the most well-known free VPN provider. It is the service with the most anonymous IP addresses, the most VPN servers, and the happiest customers.

Using iNinja on a mobile device does not require any special installation procedure (it’s the same as other apps). iNinja Mobile VPN is simple to set up and works great on Android phones.


VyprVPN’s Android mobile app/client is one of the best out there. Unlike most providers where the manual configuration is required to connect to a VPN server, VyprVPN makes it easy for its users to use their services, offering them a mobile client application that is easy to install and has a simplistic interface to both for Android and iOS.


IPVanish is a highly recommended service with a large number of users. What’s great about IPVanish is that even though it was launched in 2012, it can already be compared to more well-known VPN services like iNinja.

The company has also extended its services to cell phones. Although there is no dedicated mobile app, users can manually configure IPVanish on their Android or iOS phones.


ibVPN provides increased privacy and security online, whether you connect to the web through a computer or smartphone. ibVPN also offers the best VPN rates that no other service provider can compete with.

It has all the protocols available. You will be able to have a secure connection anytime and anywhere with ibVPN.


Surfing the web securely and anonymously is possible with a tool like Express VPN. It provides a super-fast connection and good encryption features for computers and smartphones.

ExpressVPN has a mobile app for Android and iOS smartphones, which works very well and offers a stable connection.

Private Internet Access

Rightly named, Private Internet Access is a VPN service provider that allows its users to surf the internet securely, using traffic encryption backed up by numerous servers scattered across three different countries.

Private Internet Access is ideal for people who want a simple, straightforward service provider that doesn’t require a lot of technical knowledge. Private Internet Access may not have as many features and servers as other VPN services, but they have the lowest price of $2.95 if you choose an annual subscription, so they charge reasonably.


StrongVPN offers an impressive set of different VPN packages that are great for smartphone users. The lack of dedicated mobile applications is clearly offset by smartphone compatibility and features that are flexibility and user-friendliness.

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