Finally, is it safe to use VPN?

In previous articles, we talked about the importance of using a non-PC VPN, notebook, smartphone or tablet, in order to keep safe and deprived of our online data. We also deal with some vantagens that either serve or offer access (streaming videos, films, series, music, online games) blocked for or Brazil.

But, you should be wondering: “Do you use VPN é tão vantajoso, é escolher qualquer serviço?”. Ok, no bem assim. Once upon a time, on the promise of infindáveis ​​benefícios you can be behind a blow

Normally, or use of VPN promotes or anonymity on the internet. Você happens to sail with more security, avoiding invasions of hackers or malwares, besides preventing you from tracking down your dice and browsing habits.

A VPN should also not be used as a shield for those who want to carry out illegal activities, therefore, not to encourage other commuter users of this type.

In this article, you will find out how some VPN services can give you a better chance of being really useful.

Free VPNs are you safe?

Use free VPN services worth it? To answer this question, we will compare VPNs with free antivirals.

You may be able to be useful and serve a number of users. Porém, I serve you more renowned payments costumam offer extra security resources that are advanced, beyond licenses for various devices. Além disso, there are free antiviruses that do not meet as a task. Some of them do not make a minimum difference between being, or not, installed.

Do not give free VPNs happen or mesmo. Some of you can be useful, I tied my mind. Outras, I do not want, I can collect six dice and use them for commercial purposes. There, in addition, to the possibility of showing services or redirecting advertisements or users for sites quais eles recebem comissão by visualization. Na pior das hipóteses, a VPN can use part of the Internet band to favor assassinating users.

There are also free services that are safe, however, quite limited. Um exemplo são os browsers that trace VPN VPN embedded neles. Embora functionm bem, elas only copper activity carried out within the browser. All other applications continue to be exposed in the absence of privacy.

Should I use VPN ao acessar minha conta bancária?

Normally, you do not need to use a VPN to use or site / app of your bank, in case you are connected to a private and trusted network, as in your own home or from a relative / friend.Agora, estó você estiver using a public Wi-Fi network (coffee, airport, hotel, shopping, etc.), and it is extremely recommended that you access or access through a VPN, not using a notebook or smartphone / tablet hair.

How to use a VPN with security?

To facilitate your search for a reliable VPN service, we have some questions that will help you decide.

Avoid free serviços – Você não knows exactly how VPNs work, avoid free serviços. Serviços podem guarantee sua segurança and privacidade charging bem pouco for isso;

Kill Switch – Prefira um serviço possua Kill Swicth. This resource interferes with connection in case of VPN service failure. Isso prevent or vazamento of dice;

Leia os termos – It is worth checking the thermos do serviço so that you will not be surprised;

Mobile Apps – All VPN service deve ter application compatible with smartphones and tablets, for both Android and iOS.

4 common hits in VPN services

With the popularization of VPNs, it is common that services of qualitative status arose. For this reason, pay attention to the blows most commonly practiced by false sermons, and a great way to learn how to avoid disorders.

1.Life assinaturas

Quem não gostaria de um serviço payment that is cheap and, even on top, never tivesse or value reset?

Quer um conselho curto e grosso? I fell fora! Nenhuma company séria get manter a qualidade de seus serviços com esse type of offer. Provavelly, the company is racking funds reviewing its given to parceiras companies. In this way, it is not necessary to charge a fair value for hair services, which will only serve to capture customers whose die will be routed and sold.

2.Free VPNs

In a general way, we don’t know or use free VPNs. Six applications costumam conter breaches de segurança, offering year-round cliffs. They can also collect and sell their dice, show advertisements, redirect their links to sites where they visit by visiting, vazar their IP address, share part of their Internet band with other users, and offer no protection in the case of falsehood. connection.

3.Duvious benefits

Ok, you are convinced that VPNs are free of charge and will be hiring a payment service. Agora, watch out for false promises! Benefits such as “sem logs”, “100% online anonymity”, “nosso serviço é o mais fast”, plus extra resources that do not work, we can pay fazer você “encher os olhos” and end up paying more expensive for um serviço I could find the metade do preço.Or, ideally, you can enter into contact with the company and throw your dúvidas as an assistant of a non-subject specialist, as a friend formed in the IT area, for example.

4.Analyzes peel internet

n the internet there is a review of software analyzes, products and services feitos by people capable of muita boa vontade. In the meantime, some companies can create blogs to publish analyzes of their products, tempting them to go through a specialist or a legitimate user.

Therefore, it should not be taken by artigos that compares produtos sem that você saiba to proceed from these sites. Na internet, be careful and pouco.

How do you protect yourself?

Depois de tudo or falamos, you are more apt to recognize blows and frauds involving the VPN services, as well as the possibility of being able to take part in the eventual contract.

Um two serviços vêm standing out annually é or NordVPN. A company possui site totally in Portuguese, plans that adapt to the needs of two users, app for Android and iOS and a guarantee of return of money in 30 days. Or more flat on account charges US $ 2.99 a year or more for three years of assinatura. Confirm by clicking no botão abaixo:

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