Proxies to unlock Facebook at work or university

Proxys for Facebook

If you are looking for how to unlock Facebook at work, university or anywhere it is blocked , here we show you the best proxies so you can skip this restriction so you can stay in touch with your friends and family.

And it is that in some schools, universities, work centers or even in some countries like China, access to this and other social networks is not allowed.

Therefore, here we show you a complete list of pages to open Facebook blocked from anywhere . That is, proxy websites that function as intermediaries between the social network and your computer or cell phone.


Infatica is a simple and free web rotating proxy service with which you can skip the barriers that prevent you from accessing Facebook.

Once on the web, you just have to enter the URL ( and press Enter . In addition, you can choose between the different servers to which you connect.

Without a doubt, one of the easiest ways to unlock Facebook in your work, school or university. And also, it has an extension for Firefox and Chrome .


It is one of the best websites to unlock Facebook at work or university.

CroxyProxy works for both social networks and video sites like YouTube that have been blocked. The best thing is that it is completely free and has hardly any publicity.

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Also, you don’t need to configure anything. Just enter the site URL and press the “Go!” Button. Additionally, if you use the Chrome browser, you can install its CroxyProxy Free Web Proxy extension .


One of the most popular proxies to skip restrictions and access blocked Facebook.

Although there are several reasons why they block Facebook, there are times when users need to use this social network to send messages, share something important in a group or just keep in touch with their friends.

ProxySite allows you to avoid this restriction and access the most popular social network in the world. You just have to enter the URL, choose the server from which you will connect and go . Among the options on the page are those of allowing or not cookies and removing scripts .

HideMyAss: Proxy for Facebook

This popular VPN service has a free Facebook proxy to access the platform from anywhere in the world.

Using the HideMyAss proxy you can hide your IP address so that Mark Zuckerberg’s social network will not know your true location.

Its features include the possibility of choosing the server from which you connect (USA, Germany, United Kingdom, etc.) and some options such as encrypt the URL, disable cookies and delete scripts.

It is a proxy to enter Facebook and other blocked sites, such as YouTube, Twitter and Google.


Unlike other free proxies sites for Facebook, you don’t have to configure anything here . Just enter the blue social network address and start surfing the web freely.

atozProxy stands out for using SSL technology to encrypt data, be one of the fastest, and have a responsive design that adapts to any screen (of computers or mobile phones).

Zalmos Web Proxy

Zalmos Web Proxy is one of the best ways to log in to Facebook from another page.

This online web proxy offers an easy way to unlock sites like YouTube, 9gag, Reddit, Wikipedia, among others. Thanks to its servers in France and the Netherlands, you will not have problems accessing the different Internet sites.

This tool works on your PC, Mac, iPhone, Android and on any device connected to the Internet.


Zend2 is an anonymous online proxy server to unlock Facebook and YouTube.

With a simple interface, Zend2 allows you to enter your Facebook account to send messages, publish statuses, view the publications of your contacts and pages you follow and everything that this social network offers.

It is perfect to navigate without restrictions at work or university, without having to pay for a VPN.

Although these web proxies work, they  may also be blocked in your workplace or school . In that case, you can try the following ways to unlock Facebook.

How to access Facebook if it is locked

If you need to enter the social network but it is blocked, with these tricks you can skip the Facebook block at your work, school or university:

Enter the mobile version of Facebook

On some occasions, the IT administrator of your work center or university only blocks access to the domain and not all subdomains.

If this is the case, you can take advantage of this “error” and access the mobile version of the social network. How? You just have to enter the URL and start browsing the site.

Of course, being the mobile version, the web design will not look great from a computer.

Change DNS

There are times when Facebook blocking is done at the DNS server level . This is mainly done by Internet operators by order of the Government.

To avoid this block, you just have to change the DNS on your computer or cell phone . You can use, for example, Google DNS ( and or CloudFlare ( and

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Also, if you want to access Facebook from your cell phone, you can use the CloudFlare application on Android or iOS .

Remote Desktop

Using the remote desktop to connect remotely to another PC can be a good way to enter Facebook when it is locked.

To carry out this task, you need at least two computers or laptops . For example, one that you are using in your work or university and another that is in your home. It is the latter that you must leave on and configure it to support remote connections or use a free program such as TeamViewer . You can also use the Chrome remote desktop extension .

If you do not have another PC or can install third-party software, you can hire an RDP server that is available 24 hours a day and to which you can connect from anywhere using the remote desktop.


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