How to enter and connect to Facebook if they block and prevent access

How to connect to Facebook from your school, company or work, if the connection is blocked and censored. Alternative methods to enter this social network, from the computer or cell phone, when it is not possible.

How to enter and connect to Facebook if they block and prevent access

A large part of Facebook users do not have direct access to the Internet, they do not have a computer, or they have it broken, in all these cases it is necessary to make the connection at any free time that occurs, from other sites that may be, the school, the company where you work, public access sites, hospitals, and countless other places where it is possible to establish the connection.

The vast majority of these sites have Facebook on their blacklist, to prevent the distraction of their employees or students or simply because they look badly at the distraction and social relationships of other people.

In those cases it is frustrating to verify that we cannot access this network.

However, there are several alternatives to break any limitations that we want to impose, when surfing the internet.

You can also bypass Facebook blocking if you download proxy chrome extension. This extension will help you to access Facebook easily and quickly.

How to connect to Facebook if my connection is blocked

It is always possible to access Facebook and any other blocked or censored internet site, such as YouTube.

The way to do it depends on the method used by network administrators or censors. Read more information .

Then I share several alternatives to avoid censorship, starting with the simplest and easiest to enable and ending with more complex ones.

Login to Facebook using alternate addresses

This method, which is the easiest and fastest, only works when access to main Facebook domains has been blocked .

Try entering the following addresses in the web browser.


The above addresses are owned by Facebook and redirect to the main domain.

You should not try other recommended addresses on some websites, which also redirect, but using other methods, as I explain below.

Login to Facebook with a shortened address

Another alternative is to access Facebook with a short address provided by one of the “link shorteners” services.

In this case, this service will work as an intermediate link, which will redirect us to Facebook.

For that we need to previously create the shortened address or use the following Bitly service, created by me that leads to Facebook.

Login to Facebook using your IP address

This other method also works when Facebook domains are blocked, but not the corresponding IP addresses .

These are several according to the geographical location of the user and the DNS used.

Browsers access internet sites using numerical IP addresses, which are obtained from DNS Servers .

To get the Facebook IP address in your geographic area, you need to use a Windows computer that has access to that website.

In it we can execute the PING command to obtain the IP corresponding to the domain.

In it do the following:

  • At Start, type Command Prompt and press the Enter key.
  • On the black screen of the console type: PING and press Enter:
  • Copy the IP address IPv4, which consists of a series of four groups of numbers separated by a period.

In this example it is:

Get the Facebook IP address using the ping command

Finally enter the IP address thus obtained, in the browser of the computer without access to Facebook.

This can be known using the NSLOOKUP command in the Command Prompt .

Use the Facebook IP address in decimal format

If this system works for you, an extra precaution in converting the Facebook IP address to decimal form.

The previous IP address corresponds to the following in decimal format: 2649755171

Login to Facebook using a secure web proxy

The milproxys or proxy servers are Internet services that act as intermediaries between our connection and the website to which you need access.

Years ago they were very popular, but they earned very bad reputation for their slowness and lack of security.

The service provided by proxies is generally free.

Its owners benefit from the advertising shown on the pages.

We can use them whenever it is a secure proxy, that is, if the connection is via SSL (starts with the HTTPS protocol ) and if the service is not blocked.


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